Sightline Payments Insider Access

Utilized Marketo's landing page, lead database, and munchkin data tracking functionality to build a subscriber-only access gateway. This system houses Sightline Payments' Insider Access content, which is held behind a sign in or sign up page dependent on user selection. Additionally, BriteVerify's API was worked in as a means of email verification during sign up. Users are unable to complete sign up without a verified email address.

Visitors are directed towards a landing page which first checks to see if they are cookied as existing users. If they are cookied, the page automatically redirects them to the exclusive content. If they are not cookied, users will be prompted to sign up. The sign in page works the same way, and users are offered links on either gateway page to move between signing up or signing in.

View: Sightline Payments

Roles: Development, Design, UI/UX

Tools: HTML, CSS, JS, Marketo